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To improve and protect user privacy, platform will require users to real-name authentication.

Make sure your real-name authentication is consistent with your bank account name.

Name account of Top up/Withdraw must same as


Learn about how to apply reward in Winbox:

In order to improve and protect WINBOX user privacy, platform will require users to real-name authentication.

Users need real-name authentication. Without verified, the following functions cannot be used.

After WINBOX users real-name authentication, user need to complete the first top up to get the reward.

STEP 1: Go to the Tools and press “Top up / Withdraw’

STEP 2:Press ‘Top up (Bank Transfer)’ and key in top up amount

STEP 3:Use your mobile phone / computer to make online banking transfers

STEP 4:Upload the receipt of the transfer screenshot and submit

Take note:

  • Make sure your real name authentication is consistent with your
    bank account name.
  • You require to use mobile phone / computer to top up your account through
    online banking to get the reward.

Complete the steps above , you can get MYR100 chips!

Real-Name Authentication Q&A

Frequently Asked Question Section:

The same bank account can be bind with unlimited UID.

Real-name authentication is not mandatory, but without verified, you will not be able to transfer money, receive money, and add friends.

The reward 100 is based on the bank account. For example, a user who has 5 bank accounts will get 5 rewards, but must use 5 UIDs for real-name authentication.

To prevent people with intentions from using the company account to conduct fraudulent activities.

Each bank account which bind to a real-name authentication can only get once first recharge reward.

According to the platform, minimum top up amount is RM20.

After real-name authentication, only recharge via Bank Transfer can get the first recharge reward.

Bank account with any name can be used for recharge without real-name authentication but withdrawal can only be make to the latest bank account which use for recharge.

Each UID can only be bind to one real-name authentication.

Yes, registration is required through this website.